It's Time to Spring Clean Your Website

It's Time to Spring Clean Your Website! Read this blog post for simple and actionable ways to give your website a refresh this spring. @collettelazor

The flowers are blooming, the temperatures are rising and spring is here. The typical ritual for this time of year includes things like cleaning out your closet, rearranging your furniture, etc. While you're in the "fresh" mindset, it's also a great idea to give your website a little spring lovin'. Here are a few ways to spring clean your website. 

1 // Redirect or Fix Broken Links

Use Google Webmaster Tools or MOZ to run a quick check on your website and get a list of broken links. If they are old pages that you've closed, be sure to redirect them to live pages. Fixing this routinely is good for SEO.

In Squarespace, it's super easy to redirect URLS. Go to Setting -> Advanced -> URL Mappings. Once there, you'll see easy-to-follow instructions for implementation. 

Simple instructions for URL Mapping / Redirecting in Squarespace

2 // Check Analytics

Well, you should really be doing this monthly... but if you need a reason, why not add it to your spring cleaning list? Here are a few things to review: 

All Pages - Sort by page views to see your most popular pages. Check them out and see if there is a recurring theme or layout that you might be able to use to create more awesome content. Now, reverse sort to see your least popular pages. What can you do to refresh or provide added value to those? Make some updates and re-share! You can find this in Google Analytics under Behavior -> Site Content -> All Pages.

Exit Pages - As expected, these pages are the ones that your viewers are visiting and then leaving your site from. Review the content, add some goodies or a stronger call to action and re-share! You can find this in Google Analytics under Behavior -> Site Content -> Exit Pages.

3 // Review Your Most Important Pages

Is your homepage telling the right story? Are your services converting? Check out the stats on your important pages and do some testing and tweaking. If you're not sure what to change, do a quick survey to your audience or customer base.  

4 // Update Social Profiles

Did you take new photos recently? Make sure you're putting your best face forward everywhere! Update your profile pictures (consistently) on social media and give your bio a lil' refresh while you're there. 

In case you missed it, here are some great tips from Kate, blogger at Tell Me Tuesday, on rocking your Pinterest profile. 

Now, get outside and enjoy the smells and sights of spring!