The Scoop on My Hiatus


So many things have happened since May 2016 that have taken my attention away from my website and blog. As I near the end of another birthday month (hitting the big three-oh), I thought it'd be a good time to reflect and share some adventures and fun from the past year. 

1 // A new job in Lancaster, PA

I moved from Pittsburgh to Lancaster very quickly in May 2016 after accepting a job with Listrak. As Digital Campaign Manager, my main responsibilities were the implementation of email, social, display and search campaigns along with media buys and reporting. 

Listrak is an amazing company and I'm grateful to work with such a smart, talented and caring group of people. Yes, I've narrowly made it on time due to buggy traffic a time or two. 

2 // A conference in Las Vegas

In October 2016, I had the pleasure of attending PubCon with a coworker in Las Vegas. I not only learned a lot of great strategies but I also loved exploring the restaurants, sights, shows and more. I could have stayed at the Mob Museum for days. (I have a slight obsession with all things Mob.) 

3 // A New (Crazy) Puppy

A few days after returning from Vegas, this little guy arrived. Tucker is a crazy ball of fluff and he keeps me on my toes. His favorite things to do are stealing socks, shredding paper, running at the dog park, learning new tricks and snuggling up on the couch. All the books and Youtube videos in the world could not have prepared me to raise this puppy baby. He's so bad, but so cute. 

4 // West Coast Travels

In April 2017, I was lucky enough to attend the PPC Hero Conference in Los Angeles. I not only learned a lot but since I was up at 4 AM thanks to the time difference, I got to explore some LA must-see spots.   

I took advantage of the proximity and headed north to Portland, OR. It's a place I've always wanted to visit and I loved every minute of my stay there. It reminded me of Pittsburgh and I can't wait to go back and explore more city and nature. 

5 // My BFF's Wedding

A December engagement and July wedding meant lots of things to do and places to go! From Boston to Pittsburgh to Asheville to Pittsburgh, the fun didn't stop. 

6 // And a Milestone Birthday

2017 was the year of 30. Not much else to say about that one, haha. 

I've been taking a break from side hustles, jewelry making, online classes and the like to enjoy the celebrations and adventures with friends and family as well as doing some soul searching for myself. More to come on that. Did I forget to mention that I also moved in 2017? Hopefully, I can stay put for a bit in the new place and get settled into Lancaster life. Not to mention, spending more time with friends (and their new little ones) and family.