Link Love // 3

Link Love | 3 - A Collection of Web Awesomsauce Delivered Monthly by @collettelazor

1 // Breaking All The Rules on Social Media

Why the conventional wisdom about who wins at social media is broken — and what you can do to fix it. Read it here >>

2 // 18 Best Plant Tutorials

If you're anything like me and can't keep plants alive, why not go with creative paper displays? Learn how to make them here >>

3 // 6 Design Tips to Radically Transform Your Emails

The average individual spends less than a few seconds judging if an email is relevant, important, or trustworthy - with design playing the biggest factor. Get the tips here >>

4 // 3 Steps to Amazing Blog Photography

It’s extremely important when you’re trying to start growing a successful blog to focus on your brand and its visual representation. Photography is not the only component of that, but it is a large one. That’s why today I’m going to go over exactly how to start off with blog photography when you’re a beginner, whether you want to go all in with a DSLR, or even if you’re just planning to use your iPhone. Get the tips here >>

5 // The Science Of Stickiness: A Data-Driven Guide To Creating A Website People Want To Visit

The stickiness of your website is the differentiating factor between a visitor and a customer, between visits and an audience, and between true ROI and traffic that just won’t convert. Get the tips here >>